DIY moss wreath

This wreath is so simple and fast. You will have plenty of time to drink wine and giggle with your ladies. The best part is the price. I love the idea of entertaining on a budget. I would say the dollar tree is perfect for that.

I used an old canvas I wanted to revamp. However you can purchase a 6 pack with a coupon at your local craft store for around 6 bucks or so. I measured 4inches all the way around.I then used a box knife to cut out desired shape. Don’t worry if you mess up. Masking tape can fix the frame! After all it will be covered in modpodge and moss. Items needed for this project

  • A canvas or honestly a piece of cardboard would work too.
  • modpodge
  • A paint brush
  • Moss (dollar tree has the best stuff and price)
  • A wooden letter of your choice
  • Paint of your choice
  • Some ribbon
  • Hot glue and glue gun if you don’t have one.


First paint much podge and a little sections of your canvas at a time.
Then begin to place the moss one row at a time.
When you place the moss on the canvas make sure you press it down so it adheres well.
Let it dry a bit.
While you’re enjoying your friends and family.
Pour yourself and your ladies a glass of wine.
Start to paint your letters with the color of your choosing.
Make sure to have a few choices of paint and ribbon for your guests to choose from.
Hot glue your letters and ribbon
Viola Done and so fun right!?
Let me know if you all liked this and enjoyed making these easy wreaths!
Love xo


Solar Eclipse Cookies

Well I am one of those moms who πŸ™ˆforgot to get “those ” solar eclipse glasses. My kids are not thrilled with me LOL! Luckily my hubbies office will be providing glasses at their viewing party which I can bring the kids down for. Dad saves the day! However these cookies might get me back in good gracesπŸ™Š Below is an easy tutorial and recipe!

Shortbread cookies

1. 2 1/2 cups flour

2. 3/4 cup powdered sugar

3. 1 teaspoon Madagascar Vanilla (or regular)

4. 2 sticks of butter

Bake at 350 for 10-12 min.


1. Divide cookie dough into 5 sections

2. Place drops of food color into separate zip lock baggies and massage individual colors in the bags. This keeps your hands clean. You also get an even color on the the dough!

3. Cut cookies into desired shapes.

4. Color into a marble design. You can’t mess up.

Bake , cool and prepare to decorate!

Items needed for decorating

1. Frosting

2. Sprinkles

3. Karo syrup for sprinkles to stick onto cookie while still looking clear.

That’s it!



Fresh towels are the only way to go

Ok am I the only one who battles teenagers leaving wet towels on the bathroom floor? Better yet stuffed in laundry baskets or under the bed. The result is usually a moldy smell that is almost impossible to come out with a simple load. Below are a few quick easy tips that have worked for me!

Purchase yourself a family set of white fluffy towels (you are worth it) . I look for the sales and stalk up! I found these big white towels for 2.50 a piece at Walmart!

  1. Put cycle on hot.
  2. Put one full cup of baking soda in load and let one full cycle run.
  3. Key – rewash with baby laundry soap ( the one with the pink cap πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ) I use off brands or whatever is on sale!
  4. Dry and fold! That’s it! Viola you will start your week off fresh!

Be good to yourself always!



Happy Father’s Day in minutesΒ 

Fun link for this napkin fold !

If you’re like me lately everything comes together at the last minute. I have created a fun table with some of my favorite items that I have laying around the house or in the kitchen if you will. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to make it special for that person you love especially dad he does so much for us. 

Items needed 

  • Paper bag for name tag
  • Plates you already have
  • Fruit for decor
  • Soda or a beer, we like la croix
  • A napkin ( I used paper towels)

Make a nice table for Dad. One of the sweetest gestures is creating something from your heart! 

Happy Father’s Day! 



Berry Healthy

One of my favorite things about summer is all of the berry dishes at barbecues and get together’s. They’re obviously good to eat all season but there’s just something about strawberries and blueberries that screams summer and great weather. We eat them regularly as a snack in our house. However I’m never going to turn down berry pie. I mean there’s berries on it so it’s healthy right. So about the benefits from the fruits. Down below I am sharing some cool links I found about how wonderful blueberries and strawberries are for your body bonus if they taste amazing.


Of course always check with your Dr. for best nutrition for you.