5th Year Anniversary

Below is an easy tutorial for this flower arrangement!

Special Blog to me from my hubby

Five years ago today I got to marry the woman of my dreams (yes I have hijacked my wife’s blog today)! Every day since my love for her has grown in depth and understanding and our friendship has grown with equal pace.

It sounds cliche but I would marry my wife all over again every day. Thank you for being such a strong woman, wonderful mother, and amazing wife. You make me a better person every day and I am blessed to be your husband!

Wiley (your hairy bear)

Floral Arrangement

Items needed

  • Roses (hubby scored 2 dozen roses for 20.00 at Fred Meyers $

  • Mini stem bases. Also bought 6 for 1.00 at Fred Meyers. Amazon has these little sets as well. I am so saving these for future use! I see a beautiful thanksgiving arrangement in my future.

  • Foam board for shape you desire for arrangement. We chose 5 hence our anniversary.

  • Spray glue to adhere fake moss to the sides. This is just the perfect detail to complete your arrangement, I think!


Floral Stem Mini VaseMossRoses

  • Tada!!

L a s t l y enjoy! 💋

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