DIY moss wreath

This wreath is so simple and fast. You will have plenty of time to drink wine and giggle with your ladies. The best part is the price. I love the idea of entertaining on a budget. I would say the dollar tree is perfect for that.

I used an old canvas I wanted to revamp. However you can purchase a 6 pack with a coupon at your local craft store for around 6 bucks or so. I measured 4inches all the way around.I then used a box knife to cut out desired shape. Don’t worry if you mess up. Masking tape can fix the frame! After all it will be covered in modpodge and moss. Items needed for this project

  • A canvas or honestly a piece of cardboard would work too.
  • modpodge
  • A paint brush
  • Moss (dollar tree has the best stuff and price)
  • A wooden letter of your choice
  • Paint of your choice
  • Some ribbon
  • Hot glue and glue gun if you don’t have one.


First paint much podge and a little sections of your canvas at a time.
Then begin to place the moss one row at a time.
When you place the moss on the canvas make sure you press it down so it adheres well.
Let it dry a bit.
While you’re enjoying your friends and family.
Pour yourself and your ladies a glass of wine.
Start to paint your letters with the color of your choosing.
Make sure to have a few choices of paint and ribbon for your guests to choose from.
Hot glue your letters and ribbon
Viola Done and so fun right!?
Let me know if you all liked this and enjoyed making these easy wreaths!
Love xo

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