Fresh towels are the only way to go

Ok am I the only one who battles teenagers leaving wet towels on the bathroom floor? Better yet stuffed in laundry baskets or under the bed. The result is usually a moldy smell that is almost impossible to come out with a simple load. Below are a few quick easy tips that have worked for me!

Purchase yourself a family set of white fluffy towels (you are worth it) . I look for the sales and stalk up! I found these big white towels for 2.50 a piece at Walmart!

  1. Put cycle on hot.
  2. Put one full cup of baking soda in load and let one full cycle run.
  3. Key – rewash with baby laundry soap ( the one with the pink cap 👌🏼) I use off brands or whatever is on sale!
  4. Dry and fold! That’s it! Viola you will start your week off fresh!

Be good to yourself always!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I have been curious to read this. We are having such an issue lately. Thanks for sharing, Lisa!


    1. You are so welcome friend! It is he best towel trick ever! 💋


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