Pinnertest  Food Intolerance Test

Ordering information

Do you struggle with bloating , tummy issues and weight gain. Well I do and have been for the last year. I do see a Naturopathic Dr and my regular care Dr. I decided after normal check ups I would give a food intolerance test a try. I want to dial into my body and do good by it. One of the things I like about this home test is…. the convenience. I took the test the other day while in my jammies. The directions are super easy. You even have a payed envelope to send your test back in. I popped it in the mail and I went about my day.  Yes that easy.  I get the results back via email. 

I will be sharing my findings and test results in a week or less… stay tuned. 


Head over to their website to order your test today! I think it would make a great Mother’s Day gift! 🌸
Health and Good Vibes


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