DIY Ombré 

Alright guys this is the ultimate DIY for me. You could easily say I’m brave or nuts. The thing about DIYers is that they think they can make anything. Well last night my hubby and I (yes my hubby) did an at home Ombré. My hair is all black. I wanted a little spring spruce. Check our what I used. I may need to tone and blend it a bit more. Thoughts? 🙊#diy 

Step one -read directions. 

I watched a utube video and also asked the gal at the local beauty supply for directions. She was so helpful and sweet enough to give me directions step-by-step. She wrote everything out on the boxes ,such a love!  Just sharing what I used. Always check with your Dr before using and beauty products. I did this and it was a great DIY for me. I am not a hairstylist.  Always do this at your own risk. Not an Ad just a fun little DIY! 

Step two- 

  1. Brush hair 
  2. Separate with clips the parts you want to color 
  3. I mixed 2 oz 20 volume to half a tube of wella color charm 8N-8/0
  4. Placed toner on damp shampooed hair for 10 min . 
  5. Then I  washed out and conditioned 

Enjoy 😊 

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