Bug off 

One of the things I like about the warmer weather is being outside and barbecuing with friends and family. One of the drawback to that is getting bit up by those pesky bugs outside. Bug spray is one thing. I however like having candles on the table to help make the environment relaxing and less showing off bugs. I have discovered 3 essential oils that these annoying little critter hate with a passion.
Essential oils bugs hate

  1. Citronella 
  2. Lemongrass 
  3. Grapefruit 

Now there are more I am am sure. I just love the idea of having a little fun with the labels. You can use any recipe to make DIY candles and add 30 drops give or take ( fragrance preference) and viola! I like the idea of fun labels , jokes, quotes etc. Just getting around the table with the ones you cherish( bug free) is one of my favorite things! What are some of your favs? 


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