Pack for him to travel in style …

Lisa’s travel guide for your mans bag! 

I realize Valentines is behind us now. However I think some sweet loving touches snuck into your man’s travel bag is kind of fun. How adorable is it for him to open up his luggage when he is traveling for business to have a little reminder of you? That’s what a smart women does.

I am sharing some of my easy tips to make his trip less stressful and somewhat enjoyable even if it’s work. 

Love in the bag❤
1. Cute little picture of yourself if you know what I mean. 

2. Last time my honey traveled , I put a little dinosaur of my sons , he melted

3. Some fun snacks he loves. My guy is a giant sweet tooth. 

4. A coffee card for Starbucks 

5. A little cash always helps. 

6. Medicine , he can always pick that up at his destination, however right at your fingertips is helpful. I think I have him my cold yikes. 

7 . Lastly a sweet note with a kiss on it 💋
Now for the must haves 
 1. Pack light especially for an over night or two business trips. This allows less stops at baggage claim and or opportunities for loss luggage. 

2. Make sure all toiletries are 3oz. and under of course. Kind of standard. I’m surprised how often people forget this one. It is tough watching people have to toss good stuff out at TSA. 

3. Fully charge phones and electronics. 

4. Make sure chargers are tucked in easy access part of bag (just make sure it is packed)

5. Pack plenty of undies and socks. 

6. Make sure you have a casual outfit , swimwear. 

7. Pressed and or clothes straight from the cleaners is helpful and necessary for business travel. 

8. Make sure you have passports , birth certificates , ID extra ID apparently is helpful these days.

9. Pack shoes on the bottom and go up from there. 

That’s about it. My favorite part is the fun goodies as a little surprise. It’s the simple things. 

Lisa 💋

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