Naked Bunt Cake

I hear the birds chirping outside. The smell of fresh cut grass from the neighbors yard. I see flowers starting to bloom. Ok a little wishful thinking. But really who is ready for spring? I am I am! You must check out this fun easy recipe. The thing I like about this cake is it’s beautiful , not difficult and great for those brunches and gal lunches.

Recipe and directions 

  • 1 box store bought cake mix.  Bake up per directions.  
  • Store bought butter cream (2 cans ) or make it. I like to cheat! 
  • Fresh berries and lemons or any fruit you like.


So easy 

  • Bake cake up in bunt pan style. 
  • Let cool for several hours 
  • Slice in half 
  • Put melted frosting or white chocolate In the microwave in 30 sec intervals 
  • Pour down cake / get messy. This is the beautiful part of a naked cake. 
  • Put berries ( I like lemons on top too)  so pretty. 

Viola and instabrunch ready! 

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