You rock! Hot rock massage 

You rock! Hot rock massage 

  1. Hey gals! Are you looking for some last-minute ideas to throw together a Galentine’s little get together?I see all these fun parties online and it makes me want to have some girl time. I went to one of my dear friends that I’ve known since I was 12 ‘s house for her birthday party. I won’t say how old we are now ha ha. So about her little soirée. She is super fancy and never likes to admit it. It’s kind of effortless for her. However at this party she had a massage therapist come give the girls a private pampering massage. I thought to myself what an awesome idea. How fun it would be to add a hot rock treatment to the mix. I like the idea of everyone chipping in for a massage and maybe have the hostess provide some appetizers. Your girls will love the girl time and be happy to enjoy some yummy food and beverages while rejuvenating! I have seen some DIY hot rock massages. I wouldn’t advise doing it or going at it alone without a professional  massage therapist when dealing with others beyond your own skin if you know what I mean. I think a helpful tip would be to have everything ready for your guests and the therapist to get started. Warming up a crockpot with a towel at the bottom and the rocks placed on top while waiting for your spa party to start would cut cost and time I imagine. I also like the idea of having some Moroccan oil on hand. Don’t forget a pack of spa towels (aka white wash clothes)  I found a whole pack of 10 for like 5 bucks at Biglots.  This treat is inexpensive and found in the hair beauty aisle. The rocks can be purchased online fairly inexpensive or at a beauty supply. Super simple and fun! If galentines is a miss , try a spring brunch! 💐

Benefits I read about.
 Reduces stress and tension

Helps with  flexibility in joints.

Relieves pain 

You must consult your Dr. before any regimen or spa treatment. I am not a Dr. just sharing my wonderful experience with pampering. 💕


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