Mommy tips for busy mama’s

Mommy tips for busy mama’s

Hey all you mommies out there. I know life is crazy. Sometimes you feel like you never have enough time in the day to get all of your stuff done. Run errands, get the kids dressed, off to school, and just plain every day life. After four kids I like to think I have a little bit of insight ha ha. I’m still learning and growing as a mom and that’s OK. After all, we all are kind of a hot mess haha. Today I have put some tips together. I don’t claim to be an expert. I just think some of these fun ideas might be a little bit helpful. Enjoy and remember not to be too hard on yourself.  We are all trying to survive this thing called motherhood.

Tips and ideas to help you mama’s!

  • Make a plan for your day the night before. Heck wing it the morning of. Even if you need to take 10 minutes with coffee to plan out your day. This is helpful to avoid mom mom what are we doing today?
  • I like to make sure I have a bowl of healthy snacks in a safe place for the kids to grab. “Go grab a snack Teague”. This helps me have less interruptions if I am choring, answering emails or phone calls. 
  • I know this sounds simple but it works for us. I place a basket in each room of some of my sons favorite toys , a craft , and books.  
  • When I am doing chores I include him. He loves to wash dishes , help fold clothes , he even like running the mini dirt devil. He asked last night if he can organize the pantry ….what? He 4 LOL.
  • I like the idea of teaching him applicable tasks to learning development. 
  • I count even the smallest thing as chocolate chips in a cookie recipe.  
  • I love taking him to the dollar tree to pick out a treat on Fridays for helping mama all week. What he doesn’t realize is mama has been keeping him busy. He is learning and growing. My little gentleman in training. Sometimes we forget to be true to our minimal sides. This is a way of life for us. Unplugg from technology and into your soul! 



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