DIY Taco Holder

DIY Taco Holder

This DIY taco holder is so simple it is ridiculous. Are you ready?
Supplies and directions 

  • Card Stock (color is your choice)
  • Fun poms (dollar bin at Target)
  • Glue spray or glue gun
  • Pom garland 
  1. Fold card stock like a fan
  2. Glue poms on 
  3. Place tacos in tray 

Have fun with it! 
 Well I don’t know about you. I could sure down a few tacos and a margarita right about now. Our family loves the sound of mama preparing tacos in the kitchen. My hubby is a huge fan of Mexican food. Lucky for him , this chick has skills to pay the bills. Check out my authentic taco recipe. 

Taco Recipe 

  • Shredded chicken cooked in chicken broth , seasoned with garlic , salt and pepper
  • Corn tortillas
  • Fry corn tortillas on both sides then gently fold while still frying
  • Set on a towel to absorb grease.
  • Dress with onions , guacamole, cheese and tomatoes. 

A fun little side sauce for tacos… and I know it sounds weird. Tomato sauce with peas and onions. Place in tacos if your feeling brave. I love peas so, I know I’m strange. It is super tasty I promise. 

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