I love you Honey Face Masks

I love you Honey Face Masks

Honey is delicious. I personally love to fold it into our daily meals. There are so many ways to cook and prepare food with it. We like to put it on toast. I know so fancy (giggle). One of my favourite ways to use honey is for our skin. Now days as I mature (not older) but mature haha! I appreciate this home remedy so much. It is a treat at the end of the day. We can agree that getting older is not a bad thing when you do it gracefully.

Here are some fun uses that are awesome for your everyday life. These are some DIY masks that have worked for us. Of course, always check with your Dr. before trying any regimen. 

Honey Mask

  • Honey and nutmeg -acne
  • Honey and cinnamon -blackheads
  • Honey and egg whites -shrink pores
  • Honey, coconut oil, baking soda -smooth skin 
  • Honey and lemon juice -scars
  • Honey, tumeric, coconut oil-glowing skin 
  •  Honey and coconut oil -dry skin
  • Honey and oatmeal -wrinkles
  • Honey and aloe vera -oily skin

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