More Favorite Things

More Favorite Things

Bath Salt Bar

Hello Friends. Well if your like me , you blinked and the holidays where here! I of course am not close to being done shopping. I will say a favorite things party with my girls is not something I will compromise on or skip. No matter how busy the holidays get ! The nice thing is , you don’t have to! It takes little time and cash! I’m sure you are curious at this point! 
Ok down to business. Here are a few ideas to help get those “favorite things on the bar! Check out some of these fun ideas below. I will be posting more fun ideas throughout the week. Yay!!

Bath salt bar
Grab some standard bath salts at your local drugstore. 

Place in a creative jar (anything will work ) get creative. 

Place a fun scoop in your container! Ice cream scoops are fun too, just sayin! 

Pick up some yummy essential oils (add 1 drop to 1 cup of salts). Drug stores are upping their game with some cool scents (inexpensive) I like to set out at least two. You don’t need to many. Lavender and lemon grass are safe bets! 

Set out some fun boats , cello bags or jars. I like these little trays because they are so universal. I buy them in bulk. We use them for snacks etc. 

Twine , or ribbon , we all have that in our craft closet! 

Viola enjoy!

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